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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Our first finished video production.

Hear Philly is classical music playlist that resides on YouTube and is a collaboration between Philadelphia Sinfonia and Creative Synergy Media.

The “Hear Philly” project was recorded 18 months after we went on lock-down back in March 2019. Do you remember those long quarantine days, weeks and months? “Hear Philly” uplifted those of us involved. We hope.

The “Hear Philly” Team

Maestro Gary White - Curator and Conductor

Patricia Yáñez - Director and Executive Producer

Pamela Adaro - Production Director and Editor

Ryan Compton - Sound Engineer

Judith Mendelson - Producer

Anthony Torcasio - BTS Documentation


Adah Kaplan, violin

Julian Haurin, flute

Guy Grisham, violin

Charlie Chian, violin

Fiona Feng, viola

Meera Ratnagiri, cello

Jazyn Brazoban, trombone

Janae Tabitha Horn, violin

Caroline Kratz, viola

Sierra Wei, cello

Courtney Sabanas, viola

Mark Egan, cello

Dayna Dengler, flute

Richard Zhu, clarinet

Alex Tang, piano

Thank you all!

And a heart-felt thank you to Hanna Albrecht (piano) and Matt Turowski (bass).

Shot where Ben Franklin flew his kite: St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Meera Ratnagiri, cello

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