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About my Business Cards

This is an attempt to sustain a blog.

Full disclosure, this was done without the use of AI and in a rather quick and impulsive way in order to live by the words “just do it”.

So, my business cards. They are plant-able. I just ordered 40 from an online store.

My dear friend in Coltauco, Chile introduced me to a beekeeper who has the coolest business cards. You tear off a slice of it that is impregnated with seeds. Imagine if all business cards were like that! So I did it. I ordered some online. Mine will have a QR code that leads to CSM’s website.

This idea in action is the type of thing that has multi-purposes and benefits everyone simultaneously. I believe this can have an impact on people. It’s like an invitation to do something about something. And this is the type of thing my mentor and my Capitán Leroy Johnson and I would talk about. He would share his wisdom and we came up with stuff, like these four important things we can do to save ourselves:

  1. Save the bees (protect their environment, don’t let it shrink)

  2. Restore the soil (compost)

  3. Clean the oceans (stop consuming plastic)

  4. Plant trees and food

He emphasized how important it is to teach children how to plant and harvest our own food. We need to do this now. This is a huge topic. More on that later. Maybe in the next blog.

This ties into a 5th action, which maybe should be the first one: know your numbers. What is your carbon footprint? I say this to myself, because I do not know mine. Where do I start? Any suggestions?

Back to my new business cards. That's all I wanted to share today. My next step is to ask about these seeds. When and how to plant them. I better do that now before I forget.

Over and out!



I couldn’t resist.

I did prompt AI to write this:

"Plan-table innovation, Bee-friendly revelation. Sustainable, greener scene, Ocean's plastic-free dream. Soil restoration, nature's call, Seeds of change, for one and all. Eco-conscious actions bloom, Harmony in a greener room."

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